One of the main IGS Communication Focus areas for 2021 is the important role geosynthetics play in the design and construction of sustainable structures.   A key contribution of geosynthetics is their use to develop sustainable infrastructure by simultaneously extending the service life of a given structure while lessening the carbon footprint associated with construction.  This effort will form part of the great IGS mission which is to provide an understanding and promote the appropriate use of geosynthetic technology throughout the world.

In order to raise awareness of this aspect of geosynthetics the IGS has created a new IGS committee to further the understanding and use of geosynthetics in making a more sustainable world.  The IGS Sustainability Committee was formed during a virtual meeting of IGS Officers and Council Committee members in late 2020. Chaired by IGS Vice President Nathalie Touze, the new body aims to improve the understanding and adoption of geosynthetics as a key component in creating more sustainable projects

A number of resources are already available on this topic.  The eBook “Preparing the ground for a brighter future”, which highlights the many, significant positive impacts in terms of sustainability geosynthetics bring to society.  It does this by examining the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals, see link below.

There is also a technical paper and presentation by Nathalie, called “Healing the world: a geosynthetics solution”.  The paper can be found at the link below.

The recorded version of Nathalie presenting this paper, the 6th Giroud Lecture, which was debuted at the 11th International Conference on Geosynthetics in Seoul, Korea, in 2018, is in the link below

For more information, and upcoming IGS events, see the IGS Sustainability Committee page on