Guidelines for webinars


Webinar presentation slides shall not contain company logos or other corporate identification except in an opening slide and a final slide expressing appreciation for support to the author/presenter by the company or a group of companies

Further, the content of the presentation should use terminology in line with IGS terminology for geosynthetics – refer to the following link for the terminology to be used –

No commercial branding is allowed in photos used in the presentation. Acknowledgement of sources is permitted.

The presentation is to be submitted to the ACigs committee not later than two weeks prior to the webinar so that it can be reviewed.

The webinar may be concluded by a short 5-minute presentation or case study by the webinar sponsor, which is to be technical and subject relevant.

The presentation will be converted to PDF and made available to ACigs members via the ACIGS web site.

Unless requested otherwise by the presenter, the recording of the presentation will be made available via the ACigs website and YouTube channel with no restriction on who can view the recording.  Approval from the presenter is to be obtained prior to loading to ACigs website and YouTube channel.


The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) replaced the requirements of the Data Protection Act (DPA) 1998 in May 2018.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes rules on giving privacy information to data subjects in Articles 12, 13 and 14.

These are more detailed and specific than in the DPA and place an emphasis on making privacy notices understandable and accessible.

ACigs takes the GDPR seriously and by participating in the event you will have agreed to the following:

  1. To be able to receive information from the ACigs, the webinar attendee allows ACigs to store the attendees contact information recorded as part of the webinar registration process.
  2. This information will be used for internal purposes within ACigs, like tracking webinar attendance and for notifications for future events.
  3. The names and company affiliations of the attendees may be shared with the webinar presenter and webinar sponsor. The email addresses and phone numbers of the attendees will not be shared.
  4. The webinar attendee agrees to receive information from the ACigs on future events organised by ACigs.
  5. The webinar attendee has the right to access their information which is held by ACigs.


A single, paid sponsorship opportunity is available for each webinar.  There will be no more than one sponsor per webinar.  The cost to sponsor a webinar will be set by the ACigs committee on an annual basis.

The webinar may be concluded by a short 5-minute presentation or case study by the webinar sponsor.  The sponsor presentation must be technical and subject relevant.

The content of the sponsor presentation or case study will be reviewed and approved by ACIGS at least 2 weeks prior to the webinar to ensure it is technical and subject relevant, not commercial in nature.

The opportunity to sponsor an ACIGS webinar will be initially presented to the ACigs company members.

An email calling for interest in sponsorship will be sent to all ACigs company members, allowing 24 hours days for interest in sponsorship to be expressed.

If more than one company member expresses interest, then the ACigs Officers will select the webinar sponsor, using common-sense to make a fair decision.

In the same spirit interest of fairness –

  • Platinum company members are permitted to sponsor a maximum of two webinars pa where the second sponsorship is available should no other company members express interest in sponsoring.
  • Gold members are permitted to sponsor to sponsor a maximum of one webinar pa.

Where no ACIGS company member expresses interest, then the sponsorship will be offered to the individual ACIGS membership base for their employers to sponsor.

Should there be no ACigs member (company or individual) interested in sponsoring the webinar, then the webinar is open for sponsorship from individuals or companies that are not ACigs member.  And if there is no interest, then webinars may proceed with no sponsor.

The sponsor receives the following benefits –

  • Acknowledgement on the Event flyer
  • Mention at start of the webinar
  • Opportunity to present a 5-minute case study or presentation at the end of the webinar

After the webinar, the sponsor can request the names of attendees and their company names.  Emails and phone numbers will not be provided.

A PDF copy can be downloaded here – Webinar Guidelines – 9 August 2021

Technical Forum Guidelines

  • IGS has four Technical Committees – Hydraulic, Stabilisation, Reinforcement and Barriers
  • ACIGS has a geographic membership base through Australia and New Zealand but also has reach into Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.
  • ACIGS hold a range of educational events throughout the year including a forum themed around the four IGS Technical Committees.  Each Technical Committee will receive one ACIGS forum every 2 years
  • The events are organised entirely by ACIGS.  There will be no sponsorship or paid industry case study for these events.  All attendee names and emails will remain entirely with ACIGS.
  • ACIGS will liaise with the Chair of the Technical Committee to help select the speakers and organise relevant topics.
  • The ACIGS Technical Taskforce will review the content to ensure alignment to the ANZ market. The Technical Committee may also be asked to assist with the review of the content.
  • At the start of the event, the Chair of the Technical Committee (or delegate) will be provided the opportunity to introduce their Technical Committee to the audience.
  • The structure of the Technical Committee forum event is –
    • Duration of 60-90 minutes
    • ACIGS will provide the technology platform and the moderator
    • Introduce the TC theme (preferably from the Chair of the Technical Committee)
    • 2-4 independent speakers presenting for 10-15 mins each on a relevant, current topic of interest.  The speakers will present for a maximum of 30 minutes
    • a Q&A session with a panel (including the speakers)
  • The technical forums will be developed by the ACIGS Events taskforce
  • Where the Technical Committees are involved with ACIGS, it is understood that is an ACIGS event for ANZ members of the IGS.  The event shall not be called a joint event however the Technical Committee theme will be recognised in the promotion.
  • There will be no charge to attend the Technical Forums
  • Time frame for organisation –
    • 1-week prior questions and content confirmed and communicated between speakers/panellists
ACIGS Responsibility Organise the event incl the topic & liaising with speakers
Organise the event incl the topic & liaising with speakers
Handle promotion & registration
Host the event on the technology platform & provide MC
Review content prior to event
Technical Committee Responsibility
Ratify the topic
Nominate possible speakers
Introduce the Technical Committee
As required by ACIGS, assist with content review

A PDF copy can be downloaded here – Technical Forum Guideline