IGS Student Award ($1,000 USD) Australia and New Zealand

The ACigs is hosting the IGS Student Award competition prior to the GeoAsia7 conference in Taiwan. We invite all students in Australia and New Zealand who intend to submit a paper to GeoAsia7 to enter the competition.

To enter, current students must submit their abstract to the ACigs as well a short essay. The essay (one page maximum) should describe the motivation for the paper topic. The authors have freedom to construct the essay however they like. The target of the essay competition is to convince the reader of the level of the significance of their work. Points will be awarded for writing style and ability.  The essay can include any figures that will help to highlight the significance and the importance of their paper.  A panel of judges from the ACigs senior leadership will independently judge the essays and select winner through a point scoring vote process.

The categories for voting points are distributed equally and include:

  • Writing Style
  • Proficiency with the English language
  • Persuades the reader the importance/significance of the work

The IGS student award will consist of US$1,000 to be used to cover travel expenses of each winner to attend the GeoAsia7 conference. The award will be given to the highest scoring essay among those confirmed to attend the conference.